Enhancing the Opportunities for Adults with Autism to Find Jobs Using a Job-Matching Algorithm

February 28, 2022

Wednesday, March 16th at 12-2:00pm, on Zoom

Meeting ID: 974 5563 5628

Meeting Passcode: 128976

Advisor: Yui-Kai Ng

Joseph Bills MS Thesis Defense


Adults with autism face many difficulties when finding employment,
such as struggling with interviews and needing accommodating
environments for sensory issues. However, autistic adults also have
unique skills to contribute to the workplace that companies have
recently started to seek after, such as close attention to detail and
trustworthiness. To work around these difficulties and help companies
find the talent they are looking for we have developed a job-matching
system. Our system is based around the stable matching of the
Gale-Shapley algorithm to match autistic adults with employers after
estimating how both adults with autism and employers would rank the
other group. The system also uses filtering to approximate a stable
matching even with a changing pool of users and employers, meaning the
results are resistant to change as the result of competition. Such a
system would be of benefit to both autistic adults and employers and
would advance knowledge in recommendation systems that match two