Graduate Seminar: Ben Greenman

November 10, 2023

Ben Greenman

Talk title: How Profilers Can Help Navigate Type Migration

Sound gradual types strengthen code with formal guarantees, but may require expensive run-time checks depending on how typed and untyped code interact. In this paper, we explore profile-guided strategies to discover gradual codebases that run as quickly as untyped code. One strategy rises to the top, but it succeeds in only 50% of all trials. Going forward, we need better profilers to measure type costs. Our experiment was made possible by the Rational Programmer method for automatically testing hypotheses about human programmers.

Biography:  Ben Greenman is an assistant professor in the University of Utah's

Kahlert School of Computing. He was a CIFellows 2020 postdoc at Brown
and holds a PhD from Northeastern. Last winter he tried coding without
indenting; it worked, but refactoring didn't.

November 16th, 2023

TMCB 11am

Donuts will be served