Weekly Seminar: Mike Jones

February 05, 2024

Mike Jones

Where: TMCB 1170

When: February 8th @ 11am

Talk title: Grand Challenges in HCI for Sports and Recreation 

Abstract: Interactive computational devices, such as smartphones, motion trackers, and smartwatches, are integral to many human activities, including amateur sports and outdoor recreation. Sports and recreation are critical components of human wellness. However, the relationship between interactive computing and the wellness benefits of sports and recreation is not well understood. In this talk, I will present both research results and grand challenges related to the use of interactive computing in sports and recreation. Research results include an interview study on the use of motion data for figure skating coaching and a survey study on the use and non-use of headphones during hiking. Grand challenges involve understanding the athlete as a multi-faceted individual and designing for engagement in nature recreation.

Bio: Michael Jones is a professor of Computer Science at Brigham Young University where he and his students study human-computer interaction in the context of sports and recreation.  His work focuses on adolescent athletes and outdoor recreation.