Alyssa Stringham is a Senior Engineering Manager at Lucid Software.
Alyssa graduated from BYU with a Bachelor's in Computer Science and joined Lucid as a full-stack engineer when it was a small team of about 30 people. She's worked across many teams, and has loved being a part of a successful high-growth company, and focusing on the growth of individuals and teams.
Over the last few years she has specialized in Integrations and APIs. She works with her teams to build compelling integrations in Lucid, and also launched Lucid's public APIs and developer portal so others can build integrations.
Alyssa took a break from working once her first baby came - not having had many role models of what being a working mom could look like with young kids.
She returned to work for a "short" project when her youngest was a year and a half, and spent her kid's naps and bedtime working on this side project. This project continued to evolve, and eventually led to her returning part-time and then full-time. It's been a lot of learning and making space to grow and figure out what the right path was for her - even if that was different from what she grew up with.
Alyssa loves making cool data visualizations in Lucid, figuring out a perfect formula in google sheets, and helping individuals and teams improve. Working in tech and as an engineering manager has been a perfect balance of being able to dive deep into technical problems, while also getting to work closely with other driven people.
Outside of work Alyssa loves hiking, climbing, and video games. Her favorite hike is to Delta Lake in the Tetons, and her favorite video game is Ori and the Will of the Wisps.
Given her own career journey, Alyssa is passionate about championing for flexible work environments that support people's various life stages and needs.

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