February 18, 2021

Welcome to the CS Department's second edition of Threads, a student-driven publication of "thread" papers describing the evolution of various ideas in computer science.  The topics for these papers were chosen by the students in CS 611, the only required course for our Ph.D. students, who then researched and wrote the papers making up the publication.  Our hope in sharing them with you is that they will give you a glimpse of the kinds of ideas these advanced students are engaging, expose you to the stories behind the evolution of a number of great ideas in computer science, and inspire rich technical conversations throughout the department.  Enjoy!

This is a student driven publication (that is to say, even the editor was another student TAing the class) of "thread" papers from the (mostly Ph.D.) students in CS 611 last semester describing the evolution of an idea in computer science that they are interested in.